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Savouring Local Festivities

Final Thesis Project, 2018

Challenge: This project looks at how you can communicate the values of Karnataka as a tourist destination in the environment of the stations of Bengaluru Metro.


Project ‘Beyond Pretty Pictures’ focuses on extracting Karnataka’s cultural values to execute them across Bengaluru’s Metro stations. 


Karnataka is the treasure chest of a rich heritage & vibrant cultures. For centuries, it has been ruled by various dynasties that have left the people with valuable stories, grand festivities & mind spinning myths. 


In my Project ‘Savouring local Festivities’, I have gathered stories about the birth of festivals in Karnataka, by interacting with the locals and from other possible sources. Through a visual representation I want to share these stories with a larger audience and encourage them to be a part of the heart-warming celebrations.


Festivals reflect a diverse culture and create a vibrant vibe around. One can experience the grand celebrations and essence of the bygone times on their visit to different places in Karnataka during festivals.


While traveling in North Karnataka, I came across some beautiful doors and windows. Some were abandoned while others were a part of famous monuments and distinct local houses. The colours, shapes and the authenticity of the doors and windows were mesmerizing. I have used a few abandoned doors and windows as a metaphor for stories i.e. opening new possibilities, discovering mysteries and unleashing layers. 

‘A wall of Festivals’


The final outcome is a series of six interactive murals. Each mural includes a door or a window that opens up to tell stories of grandeur festivals. The illustrations reflect different patterns existing on monuments, crafts and other such treasures that Karnataka possesses. These interactive murals be will composed on a wall of metro station space to form an installation.

Inspiration: Myths and beliefs have been a part of our culture since time immemorial. There are certain stories about the existence of different festivals. They differ from place to place depending on the historical background of it. This certainly is a point of attraction for all the inquisitive minds. 


In my hometown Pune, we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with great enthusiasm and devotion. “The duration of this festival varies from 1 day to 11 days, depending on the tradition followed by their ancestors. On the last day of the festival the idols are taken out in a colourful and musical procession and immersed traditionally in water. Ganesh Chaturthi was being celebrated in homes and small communities during the struggle for Independence in India. Lokmanya Tilak made it into a big event with public Ganesh Utsav Mandals. He made the festival a reason for a mass movement so that people from all communities can take part and the caste divide that was so prevalent in India in those times will decrease.” 


This was one of the inspiration that lead to my topic of interest as it made me for inquisitive about the reason behind these festivals’ celebrations.

Doors and Windows opening up to tell stories of Grandeur Festivals

During exhibition set up of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, 2018.

Click on the PDF icon to view the entire process

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