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Same Body, Changed Thoughts

Personal Project, 2019

What defines you?

Your confidence, courage, honesty or your body type?


In the age that is thoroughly influenced by social media there is a strong opinion about beauty and an ideal body type. Seeing celebrities and models who are thought to have ‘perfect bodies’, individuals have started becoming critical about their own bodies. We often tend to forget that all humans are created differently, each one of us with different stature, colour, size and shape. 


While conversing with friends, family and acquaintances I have realised that women are subject to body shaming more often than men. This very thought inspired me to illustrate a series of artwork to celebrate a woman’s body. 


‘Same Body, Changed Thoughts’ is a series of illustration that celebrates every woman’s individuality.


We, women are much more than our bodies, each one of us with a different skillset, individuality and our own beauty, let’s embrace it. I have decided to love myself, walk around with confidence, be bold and carefree! Are you with me?


PS: All you women out there, you inspire me, give me something to learn from and move forward! 

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