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Ruei Shah


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Instagram: totocactus_rueishah

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Ruei Shah is an illustrator and visual artist based in Savannah, Georgia. Her focus is to visualise narratives, unravel the relationship between motifs and patterns and create conceptual artwork.


Ruei's experience in graphic design and strategic branding helps her to unravel the essence of problems and create effective solutions. Her illustration process is well-defined by thorough research, relatable references, and concept building. She creates artwork using digital media alongside watercolours, markers, inks, and other mediums.


She empathises with people’s journeys as a designer and creator and uses the powerful tool of illustration to tell stories.


Her book cover illustration for 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' has been selected by The Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles for the West 61 (Launching March 2023).


"It all began with scribbling in notebooks during high school. It felt like doodling enabled me to think, imagine, and create a fantasy world to escape the mundane. Illustration has been my most powerful tool in being a visual voice for all the untold stories since then.


Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected ways, and I am always eager to learn and tackle challenges. My passion for creating illustrations reflects in the craft, the crux of which is formed from my abundant love for nature. Understanding my roots, celebrating cultures, meeting new people, creating memories, finding tiny colourful corners, and watching the walls of cities tell different stories, all add to it!"


  baking | coffee | cactus | turtles | ceramics

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