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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Book Cover illustration, Digital Media

Aslan is the symbol of hope in the Land of Narnia. My intent was to make a cover that makes the readers (children) curious about the story. Even though Aslan is not exactly the main lead, he plays an important role in winning the battle against the white witch. He is symbolized as Jesus Christ in the book by C.S Lewis and he is the hope that leads to victory in the story. The warm, pleasing colours are used to portray him as one of the protagonists against the teal hues. The decorative patterns also add to it. The back of Aslan portrays the land of Narnia and hints to the audience about what's about to come. In this project, my focus was to enhance the patterns by adding textures and depth to the illustration.

process illustrations20.jpg
process illustrations19.jpg
process illustrations17.jpg
process illustrations18.jpg
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