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The big fat wedding INVITE

Concept and Design for a Wedding Invitation, 2018

This project is dedicated to my father for inspiring me and having faith in me. This invitation box was designed for my brother's wedding, September 2018 in Samode Palace, Rajasthan.

The aim was to design a precise invitation which will make the guests curious about the wedding. Also, most of the invites are discarded after the wedding is over. I wanted to design something that will be reused by the guests post wedding.


The invitation box consists of:

  •  Origami holder with 5 invitation cards

  • Tie and dye cloth (5 meters)

  • Book that gives information about the cloth

  • Chocolate almonds

The colour palette and the feel of the invite is inspired by the shades of the 'PINK CITY'.


For the invitation box, I illustrated the front view of the Samode Palace. The motif that was repeated all over the box was inspired by Samode interiors. 


Peacock is a bird a which is considered to be a symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love. Rajasthan is one of the places where peacocks are commonly found. I decided to use a symbol inspired by a peacock for the branding of the wedding invitation. Along with a few other elements like lotus and symbol of love (hearts), I made an illustration of a peacock. The folding technique used to keep the wedding cards is 'Menko origami'. I designed 5 invitation cards that gave adequate information about the functions.


 I sourced 100 meters of 'modal silk' fabric from a local shop in Pune. After exploring a lot of methods like block printing, screen printing and digital printing, I decided to use the technique of 'tie and dye' with the help of my fellow dyers. The concept was to design a fabric that can be used by both, men and women. Each couple was provided with 5 meters of fabric to make creative outfits out of that. 


The book 'Saj Dhaj Ke' provided with all the information that the guests need to know about the fabric. 

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