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Shhh... It's a Secret

Illustrations and Graphic Design

I was fortunate to grow up in a culture that blended Maharashtrian and Gujarati traditions through my parents’ inter-caste love marriage. Food has always been a vital link between me and these cultures. Each festival and season has a unique recipe that was prepared in our home and supported by scientific evidence. Our daily meal, known as ‘Purnaanna,’ contains all of the nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats that our bodies require. 


Growing up, one of my favourite things was eating at my grandmother’s house. She had many recipes passed down from our forefathers, and it was a delight to eat the food she prepared. Homemade pickles, papad, sol kadhi, and an endless list of flavorful dishes are still something I look forward to every time I visit India.


While the rest of the world is celebrating a healthy lifestyle shift, youngsters still prefer to be fast-food victims and pop medicinal pills due to a lack of necessary nutrients in their bodies.

Shhh... It's a Secret celebrates my grandmother’s home-cooked recipes and encourages eating a balanced meal while highlighting the importance of traditional Indian food.

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