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Re-Imagining Peter Pan: The Map of Never Land

Illustration, Hand-Lettering, 2022

Tiger Lily is a mysterious treasure hidden far, far away in Neverland. The ‘Red Indian Tribe’ protects the Tiger Lily, a precious plant that has the ability to limit youngsters develop into adults. When Peter meets Wendy and realizes that it is her last night of having relentless fun without obligations, he devises a spontaneous plan to make Wendy’s night memorable. 


Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Michael, and John embark on an exciting journey to Neverland, and what follows is an unexpected turn of events. During their voyage, they meet the Red Indian Tribe, the Mermaid, and a few other intriguing individuals. Peter defeats Captain Hook with the assistance of his companions and reclaims the treasure. For this project, I focussed on translating my line and pattern work into textures.

Neverland map mockup 2.jpg
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