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Bellwether 'Handcrafted Crochet'

Concept and Design for a start up Crochet Brand, 2018

The challenge was to conceptualise and design a crochet brand (name, logo and visiting card). The brand was a start-up initiative by a woman in her late 40's who developed her hobby as a house wife in Pune, India. She is a dedicated crochet artist who imports foreign wool to provide her customers with good quality finished products.

After a lot of ideation, I decided to call her brand 'Bellwether' that stands for:

  • the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck.

  • something that leads or indicates a trend.

The logo consists of a female sheep (ewe). The face of the sheep is inspired by the pattern formed by crochet and knitting. 

The colour palette includes mint green (light shade) and a deep purple. It gives a feeling of warmth and calmness. 

The illustrations are hand done and digitally painted and are going to be used on gift cards.

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